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Titleist balls, clubs and accessories are overwhelmingly accepted in the world’s most competitive arenas, reflecting confidence in products that truly are the best. Titleist has been the #1 ball on the US PGA Tour since 1949, the longest running success story in golf, and this success is being replicated globally as Titleist continues to be the #1 ball across every worldwide professional Tour, at every major club professional event and at every competitive amateur event.

In addition to the success of the Titleist golf ball in competitive arenas across the globe, Titleist is also the choice of aspiring golfers everywhere. Since launching in 2001 the iconic Titleist Pro V1 has set the bench mark for golf ball performance and is consistently the best selling golf ball model on the market whilst well established micro-brands such as NXT and PTS / DT ensure that there is a Titleist golf ball to suit every golfers needs.

In support of market leading golf ball products Titleist continues to produce high performance golf club products – metals, irons, Vokey Design wedges and Scotty Cameron putters – to meet the demands of golfers everywhere. Couple this with a range of stylish, high quality, functional accessories and it’s not hard to see why Titleist stands alone as golf’s symbol of excellence.

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